I'm just an underground musician like you, trying to make people happy with my art!

I started getting into the digital platforms last year when I started making electronic music in march. But I knew before that it wasn't easy to grow in this world. I found some websites who offered some good features but I could not afford them, plus after watching those services on soundcloud that offer reposts or whatever, with insane prices I realized that it was not worth it! Most of the times you can see a track which has like, let's say 200 reposts, 1000 likes, 400 comments- and I would go okey this guy must have a hell lot of followers, but guess what, I go to their profiles to find out they have like 100/200 followers, sometimes even less. So in the end you just get exposure for one track and that's it, next week you are forgotten....


After a month of getting into the digital platforms world I came across Atom Collector Records, and that changed everything. At that time it was mostly based on soundcloud, and basically it involved listening to others to earn credits and put those credits on your own tracks to get them in rotation. It was life-changing for me, not only because of the website, but because of the people I met there. Lots of musicians like me, humble people willing to help each other up in every way. You can see how big the site is now and how many people there are! http://www.atomcollectorrecords.com


The community there then expanded to a lot of groups, ideas, etc. Helping us with spotify, youtube, musicoin, steemit and a lot more. It is insanely great!


Everyone is trying to make this world a much better one for musicians. And that's mainly what drove me to create "The X Reposts Team". I'm joining this fight not just as a musician but as a promoter. I'm trying to help everyone who needs it, for free. And that...feels great!


I invite you to check my music (links below), hopefully I'll make you feel good!


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